The premier FBO of Daytona Beach. Since officially opening its doors in July of 1998 at Daytona Beach International Airport, Yelvington Jet Aviation has been servicing aircraft since it's incorporation in 1990.


The Yelvington Jet Aviation, Inc. complex is easy to find at the Daytona Beach Int’l Airport due to its respectable footprint on the tarmac as well as its extremely convenient location which is immediately adjacent to the main runway 7L/25R. This prime real estate is perfect for rapid arrivals and departure due to an almost nonexistent taxi-time as well as lending itself useful for intersection departures during special events and daily operations alike. Yelvington can accommodate any aircraft up to and including

G-V, C-130, B737, & DC-9’s to name a few.

Ramp – 5 acres of 100,000+ lb. rated asphalt

Hangar – 3; 100ft X 120ft. (12,000 sq. ft.) insulated hangars, all w/ epoxy coated floors

(36,000 sq. ft. total).

Maximum tail-height clearance – 28 ft.

Office – 27,000 sq. ft. total - 5 independent wings immediately adjacent to hangar & ramp, all with airside, landside, & hangar access


Yelvington Jet Aviation looks forward to providing many years of quality customer service by providing the customer base with safe and efficient operations.

The company originally began as a mobile aircraft refueling service for the airports of the greater Daytona Beach area which included Deland (DED), Ormond (OMN), New Smyrna (EVB), Massey Ranch Airpark (X50), and Spruce Creek Fly-in (7FL6).


Yelvington serves its primary, full service FBO at Daytona Beach Int’l (KDAB) and its satellite operation at Spruce Creek Fly-In where only fuel is offered to the residential flying community. Here Yelvington offers the residents of 7FL6 the choice of “full-serve” delivery by fuel truck or self-service from Yelvington fuel farm which is located adjacent to the private runway.


In 1996, Mr. Yelvington continued the developing efforts of his father by obtaining a lease from Volusia County to build the then, second FBO at the int’l airport. This approval process took over a year of persistence before any approval could be given to break ground. Two additional years of construction followed before the Yelvington Jet Aviation FBO finally opened its doors at

Daytona Beach Int’l in July of 1998


"We continually strive to perfect our customer service, paying close attention to detail in order to maintain our elite customer base and the reputation of Excellence in Corporate Aviation. For those who demand more out of aviation or are not so easily satisfied; Yelvington Jet Aviation is the only choice."


Please take a moment to explore our site in order to get a better understanding of our facilities, capabilities, and services as we feel pictures say it best.


Upon your next visit to Daytona Beach Int’l, we invite you to experience the difference of Yelvington Jet Aviation and let us roll out the red carpet for you.


Yelvington Jet Aviation “Brick & Mortar” Stats:

Our Mission

Our History

Our Vision

Current Fuel Prices

 100LL Jet A
FS  $3.85 $5.78
SS  $3.78 
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Aviation fuel Oxygen service

Aircraft parking

Aircraft maintenance


Hangar leasing

GPU / Power cart

Passenger terminal and lounge

Courtesy cars:

(free for pilots usage in the local area)


Rental cars

Pilots lounge / snooze room

Avionics sales and service

Aircraft sales / leasing / brokerage

Aircraft charters

Public telephone

Computerized weather

Internet access / Wi-Fi

Restrooms / Showers

100% dedication by our

Customer Service Team

Flight Line Services

At our Daytona Beach International location YJETA has state of the art self service fuel farms and as well offers full service fueling by our highly trained staff. Services also include GPU's, Lav servicing, as well as overnight and permanent hanger facilities.


Yelvington Jet Aviation provides light maintenance and annuals on various aircraft.

For more information, call our main office to speak with our mechanic on call.


Our Services

2326 Bellevue Ave,

Daytona Beach, FL 32114

Tel: 386-257-7791 Fax: 386-257-1391

We are located off RUNWAY 7L/25R, between

TAXIWAY P4 and P5, just WEST of the control tower.

ARINC: 129.700

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